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4 Tips to Select Great Party Themes

Adults having drinks in a party with amazing themes

Are you trying to figure out great themes for your upcoming theme party?

Theme parties are amazing and fun. You’ll always get amazing pictures in a theme party and its memories will always stay fresh in your heart. Additionally, a party with a specific theme can always help you select the perfect foods, drinks, music, and costume.

But if you don’t plan your theme party carefully, then everything can go wrong leaving both you and your guests in an awkward situation.

In this article, you’ll learn about 4 ways to choose an amazing theme for your party.

So, let’s dive in…

1. Be More Specific

If you want to organize a great theme party, then you must be dead-specific about its theme. Your party themes should be specific enough so all the people can dress up the same way.

But you’ll have to be careful about it. Because you won’t want all the people to show up wearing the same dress. On the other hand, don’t select a theme that is way too broad. For example, instead of asking people to dress for Halloween party, ask them to wear like their favorite “pirate of the Carribean” character.

So, be specific yet broad enough to allow your guests to become creative. This way, you can select great party themes.

2. It Isn’t For Decoration Only

4 Tips to Select Great Party Themes

When you’re trying to select a party theme, don’t just think about the party decoration. You should consider the costume too. And most importantly, you’ve got to make sure that costumes and the decor actually matches.

For example, if you’re selecting a “Marvel Superheros and Supervillains” party theme, then ask your guests to wear something that specifically resembles the heroes and the villains of Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU. So, they won’t just dress up as Batman.

And then you can decorate your home in a way that it would look like a fantasy land from MCU.

3. Pick A Theme Other People Will Love

4 Tips to Select Great Party Themes

The most important goal of organizing any party is to have fun. So, before you select your final party theme, ask yourself if your guest will have fun with it. A football-themed party might seem like a great idea, but would you have fun seeing people wearing the same kind of half-sleeve t-shirt? Maybe not.

So, sit back and brainstorm several party themes. Then think if you and others would have fun with that specific theme party. Cross every theme out of the list that seems boring so you can have some great party themes to decide from.

4. Consider Awarding Prizes

If your party theme is somewhat odd, then you can encourage people to follow the theme by giving away prizes. It’s a classic technique to make sure people wear dresses according to your specific party theme.

You can give prizes to the top three guests. But what kind of prize should you give away?

You can gift them discount cards, gift cards for a great restaurant, and even normal surprise gifts. No matter how small the gifts are, people like to win. So, you can easily make your guests dress according to your theme by giving away free prizes. Just make sure you mention the contest in your invitation so they can know about it.

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