7 Virtual Party Ideas For Your Next Mystery Event

virtual party ideas

Are you hosting a virtual party? Then you should consider some great virtual party ideas for your next event! From a virtual slumber party and vacation slide show to a crime mystery and real estate consultation, we have plenty of exciting online party ideas to select from.

A virtual slumber party is perfect for when you have a hectic work schedule and just don’t have enough time to cook or clean up! This type of event is really easy to host, as well as easy to manage. Simply create a page on any social platform like Facebook or Twitter. Attach any of the following online activities: a picture slide show, a quick discussion on the latest news, a game, or even a dinner party. Attach any of the following online activities: a picture slide show, a quick discussion on the latest news, a game, or a dinner party.

Want To Host A Crime Mystery Session With Your Friends?

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There are loads of free online activities to choose from! Try a photo Skype chat, a quick discussion on the latest thriller books, or even get all your favorite actors to voice chat! If you want to expand your horizons beyond virtual party ideas, try a virtual game night, a vacation experience with your pals, or even a face to face FaceTime with celebrities.

The best part about our “virtual” events is that they are accessible to anyone, anywhere. So, whether you’re at home or at work, at school or at the beach, there are loads of exciting facetime activities to select from! To kick off your online activities, go through this list of top virtual party ideas for kids:

A Virtual Dinner Party

If your children are into cooking and you want to provide an entertaining activity for them to enjoy, then consider cooking together on your platform like My Web Video. After a hearty and delicious dinner, record it on your platform like My Video Chat, and watch it together. Your guests will love watching the funny clips, and they will also get a chance to know and bond with their “friends.” A great idea!

Virtual Scribble

Have your kids create a new game by taking turns playing a virtual scribble game on your platform. The winner gets the prize, while those that don’t get as many points end up being drawn next in line. This is a great party ideas for kids because they can learn about collaboration and the value of teamwork while having fun.

Video skribbl. This is an online platform similar to a real life version of shuffleboard, where you can take turns shooting at a skribble with a paint gun. This is one of the many party ideas for kids that you can find on many kids’ party planning sites, and the kids have hours of fun trying to get the most points, as well as making memories with their friends.

Wine Tasting

Now you can incorporate wine into the mix of your virtual cocktail party! Instead of making your own wine recipe, why not let your child create a virtual cocktail recipe of their own? They can create a recipe that includes a specific kind of grape, as well as the kind of alcohol used in creating the drink, and even hire a waiter to take turns serving the drinks. This is a great way to keep things simple, yet create an experience that will truly satisfy.

Watch party. Another idea that you can put together for your next virtual party is to set up a “watch party.” For this one, you can have guests bring a fake astrology book along with them to the event, so that everyone can have fun guessing which cards are coming up next. You can then use the card deck to play a game of charades, or even perform your own astrology session, complete with charts and dice. This fun activity is sure to be a huge success as guests try to guess the next card.

Movie together. A lot of people love mystery movies, and there are a lot of great ones that you can put together as a party. The best part about these is that you can let your guests create a “murder mystery” of their own, by telling them a little bit about the crime and what they should look out for as they’re enjoying the movie together. When everyone guesses correctly, they can then get to see the next movie together, and if they don’t, they can choose to go watch one of your other party games.


Vacation slideshow. If you want to put together a unique virtual party idea that will keep your guests talking for a long time, then you should consider going with a vacation slideshow. Everyone will love the fact that they can take turns sitting in a chair in front of a computer, watching a slideshow about a place that they’ve never been to. You could also tell them that at the end of the slideshow, they will get to tell a story about something that happened while they were there. Then, they can have fun telling their friends all about the vacation that they’re planning.

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