Easy Homemade Christmas Gifts You Can Make In 15 Minutes

homemade christmas gifts

A lot of people out their love making homemade gifts and are very artsy. This is something very special for the receiver. However, to make homemade gifts, one needs to plan ahead. These gifts would not take a lot of your time, but the person to who you are gifting them to would surely love them. Homemade Christmas gifts are usually extremely 

Easiest Homemade Christmas Gift: Handmade Chocolates

This gift is perfect for almost everyone. You will just need some basic chocolate, aluminum foil, baking paper, and some ingredients of your choice like berries, nuts, coconut flakes, caramel, etc. You can ass a bow for decorations. Start by melting the chocolate slowly over a water bath. Use aluminum foil to create the molds. This serves to create your chocolate bar. When the chocolate is fully molten, pour the molten chocolate into the mold. Add your ingredients by gently sprinkling them over the warm chocolate. Now let the whole mixture cool down, and you will be ready with your own chocolate. Decorate it with a cute bow or a nice label. 

Homemade Scented Candles

A man and a woman holding a wine glass

It is extremely easy to make a scented candle yourself, and most of the utensils required for this DIY will probably be at your home already. They are a great option for an individual gift because you can customize the fragrance as per their liking. You can use several essential oils to give them several other scents. You will need wax residues, one candlewick for each candle, a container for the new candle, essential oils to add the fragrance to the candles, fresh ingredients, although this can be optional like lavender, rose petals, or eucalyptus, wooden sticks, clatters and a cooking vessel. You will need a bowl for a water bath to melt the wax. 

You need to first melt the wax residues carefully over the water bath. For the fragrance, add a few drops of essential oils. If you wish, add a few fresh rose petals or lavender. As the wax melts, slowly prepare your candle shape. Add the wooden sticks over your glass.  Let the candle wick into the glass and try to fix it with the help of the tip. Once completely dissolved, pour the wax into the container. Voila, your Christmas gift is ready. 


Macrame is a timeless and super artistic present. This DIY is definitely a great option for you.

 You can make wall hangings, garlands, or keychains using the technique. If you know the basics of the macrame technique, let your creativity and imagination take over. All you need is a macrame or cotton yarn and scissors. 

DIY A Coffee Cup

It would be wonderful to gift a coffee cup to a coffee lover. We all have that friend who can’t go without coffee. You can design a cup yourself and gift it to a coffee lover. It is super simple and beautiful. The gifted person will be very happy by looking at it every morning. You would need a cup, a ceramic pan, and your oven. Paint or draw your favorite motive with the ceramic pen. You can also write a motivational quote or an insider joke on the cup with the insider cup and put it inside the oven to fix the color

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