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Engagement Party Ideas That Have Never Been Easier

engagement party ideas

Whether it is your friend’s special birthday or just an occasion you want to celebrate with the couple – a party is the ideal way to show your love. Here are some engagement party ideas that are sure to make your day special:

Themes are always great engagement party ideas. From simple backyard get-togethers with friends to elaborate themes inspired by popular pop culture events, you have never seen anything quite like these engagement party ideas. You can choose a theme based on the couple, or you can choose a theme inspired by the wedding itself. Just browse through various collections of themes to get inspired and get started on planning the ultimate engagement party ever. Whether it is a black and white wedding, a fairy tale wedding, or a beach wedding – the options are endless.

Social Media Websites To Share Important Moments

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Another one of the engagement party ideas that is sure to make this day incredible is to celebrate it Instagram-worthy. Yes, we are not talking about snapping pictures in front of the mirror, but using the social media websites to share important moments of the engagement with the rest of us. For example, if your special someone has her first big kiss, then you could use Instagram to share the photo (with a caption), and this would be seen by all of your friends. Therefore, by celebrating your engagement with a beautiful photo shoot, you would be sure to celebrate even more than you would without the social media sites.

Donuts are also one of the most popular engagement party ideas. This can be a very cute theme for a cake, but it also provides a lot of opportunity for creativity and ingenuity. A donut motif is very popular in many places, especially with the young couples. For instance, the young hipsters will prefer to have a donut cake made with donut holes instead of using the conventional cake. Alternatively, you can also have donuts presented to the couple as the wedding cake.

An Inflatable Ball Pit


Another great idea is to have an inflatable ball pit. This is something which will have a lot of fun for the newly engaged couple, especially when they are surrounded by friends and family. The main idea behind the theme of having an inflatable ball pit is to have lots of fun while celebrating the engagement party ideas. Of course, you need to make sure that the venue is large enough to house the ball pit and have lots of chairs and tables for the guests. After all, this is supposed to be a party!

One of the most innovative engagement party ideas is to get inspired by a movie. The bride and groom can dress up as their favorite characters and have a theme party where they are all filmed in a special movie room. In fact, if you are able to find a good Hollywood production, you might be lucky enough to get a private screening of the movie for the guests. Afterwards, the couple can sit together on the couch and enjoy the movie together. If you cannot find any such movies, you can choose to just come as close as possible to the actors and act as if you know them.

The Entire Family Get Together

Another great engagement party idea is to have the entire family get together to celebrate the marriage. It would be a wonderful idea to have the children come dressed as the different characters from the movie, while the parents dress as their own characters. In fact, you can even have some of the characters from the movie present at the party as well.

For instance, you can have Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street characters as your guests. Make sure that your guests know each other well so that they do not accidentally bump into one another. For some backyard engagement party ideas, you may want to try having an outdoor event space set up. If you have an outdoor space that you could use, you would be able to entertain your guests with outdoor games and activities.


You could set up tents, gazebos, arbors, or tables and chairs in the backyard where your guests could sit down and relax. One great activity that you could have is to have a volleyball game where the couple would serve as the teams. This can be very fun both for the adults and for the children at the event. If you want something more energetic, you could also have a combination of a sand volleyball game and some kind of gymnastics or tumbling competitions where the guests could show off their athletic skills.

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