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Pool Party Ideas For Your Next Pool Event

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Let us begin by talking about some of the more fun pool party ideas for both kids and adults. Fun teen pool party ideas include: retro pool party | fun | pool party ideas | theme} First, let’s talk about some fun decorations and accessories. For a teenager’s pool party, you can set up a photo booth with their favorite photos taken in school or taken on their vacation.

Make sure their photos are taken in front of a natural landscape like a beach, a forest, or lake! You can also purchase some adorable hats and bathing suits that have their favorite sports team’s logo on them, and have everyone use these as their guest of honor. Another fun thing to do is have everyone dress up in their favorite retro swimwear and play their favorite sport’s theme music from the 80s and before.

Serve Up Some Adult Beverages

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For more adult pool party ideas, serve up some adult beverages like sodas and beer, along with some snacks like chicken wings, nachos, and potato chips. Give everyone coolers with pool cues, billiards balls, and other fun tools like net balls or wooden spades to play with. One fun activity you can incorporate into the mix is for people to wear masks and put on tennis or golf headbands. There are many websites that sell kits to make pool party favors out of Halloween masks, so why not pick up a few for everyone? You could even use these masks to judge who has the best costume.

For your kids’ pool party ideas, try to have each child create a tropical themed ensemble. For example, have one child be the waiter, serving up drinks to everyone (maybe even the birthday boy!). Have another child to be the chef, chopping vegetables and setting the table. Have a third child be the bakers, while the others sing and dance around the room to their favorite tropical music. Or, if you want a more down to earth ocean themed get together, have guests dress up in a variety of comfortable clothing items, from beach towels to surfboards. Your kid’s favorite tropical animal or flower might even adorn the buffet table.

Hiring A Catering Company

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When it comes to pool party ideas, hiring a catering company can really make things go well. If you’re not sure who to hire, start out by talking to friends who you trust may be able to help you with the catering needs. Ask them what companies they have used in the past, and how satisfied they were. Then, get on the phone and call some of those companies to find out more information. You can also read online reviews about various caterers before making your decision. It might even pay to ask some friends who have had success in getting the party caterers to come to the party so that you can get an idea of how much work it will take to fit them into your schedule.

Once you’ve decided on a company to rent for the catering of your event, then you need to begin thinking about the pool party ideas that you have planned for the event. One great way to attract local residents is to offer a photo op at the event. While there are many great venues for photo ops, most poolside restaurants do not allow pets. So, if you have planned a photo op with a lot of kids at the poolside, you’ll want to find a restaurant that will allow pets.


While you’re looking for a place to have the photo op, you can also use the Internet to find companies that cater to pool party ideas and get them in touch with you so that they can come to your event and do a photo op with your family. One more fun idea for pool party ideas is to set up inflatable moonwalks for your guests to jump and slide on. These moonwalks have many different themes, including stars, beaches, beach balls, basketballs, golf balls, soccer balls, surf boards, and plastic beach balls. Your guests will love having their favorite toys or sports related inflatables on the moonwalk at your next pool party!

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