Three Unique Zoom Party Theme Ideas -

Three Unique Zoom Party Theme Ideas

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Zooming in on a subject often with great nostalgia is easy to do, especially when it’s a theme that everybody loves. Often a good way to kick-start a conversation or bring people closer is through a conversation about nostalgic topics; one that’s been simplified through the lens of a computer or digital gadget. Using the Zooming in on a topic idea for a Birthday Party, a Valentine’s Day Party, or even a Business Meeting, will provide a great way to bring everyone into the same “galaxy” of friends, family, and acquaintances, all sharing the same fondness for the subject at hand. This is a wonderful way to begin “brainstorming” new activities, or to start taking some of your existing ideas and playing them out to see what they work well. Here are some great brainstorming Zooming in on a topic party ideas:

Themed YouTube Videos Creates a short video using a favorite video and insert it into your presentation. Many attendees are incredibly comfortable watching YouTube and other video clips. So you should definitely consider using YouTube as a Zooming in on a subject party ideas theme. Just be sure you keep the length below two hours, and don’t allow the video to exceed that length. When the guests arrive, ask everyone to take a few minutes to view their favorite videos on YouTube and ask questions about them.

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Virtual Art Prints and Works of Art Creating a virtual art print is a fun activity that’s perfect for a Zooming in on a subject party ideas theme. With most computers, printers, and scanners being able to print a digital image, creating a digital art print is extremely easy. Simply use the Zoom feature on your computer, choose a background, artwork or theme, then click on the Print button. An attractive output will appear, including all sizes (or sizes of the original) of your selected image. This is also a perfect activity for kids, as most children love to take pictures and create art.

Ask Guests to Bring Their Own Art If you’re holding a virtual event, you may want everyone to bring their own art to decorate the event space. Perhaps everyone could bring a piece of art they have created to show at the event. Then you can give everyone prizes that can be converted into virtual art or gifts that you can give to each participant. Make sure the gifts or artwork you give can be converted into digital art as well so everyone has a great experience.

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Interactive Birthday Games and Activities If you would like to provide some very interactive ways for people at your virtual birthday party, consider utilizing a variety of games and activities. Some of these ideas can be very engaging while others are more passive. It really depends on how involved or passive for your guests tend to be. It’s always important to be sure to keep this in mind whenever creating any type of interactive element for your event.

Host a Virtual Talent Show This type of zoom party ideas might involve having a live entertainer to perform for the group while also allowing them to use a projector to perform their shows for the guests. You can either purchase a projector that will project onto the wall using some type of light or you can rent one from a company like ZDP. You can either make the entertainment part of the event or you can simply hire a live performer and then provide entertainment at the actual event. Both options are equally as fun.

Video Chat With Virtual Characters This type of zoom party ideas involves allowing your guests to interact with a character from a different program like Microsoft Office. You can set them up in a chat room and let them talk to the character. This character will typically ask them questions and generally make small suggestions to help them along their journey through the program. This is a great way to provide some interesting and unique virtual game night or entertainment for your guests.

The point of these three zoom party ideas is to allow your guests to have an experience that they will never forget. This can be used as a means of teaching people about something, or you can use it as a means of giving your guests a fun and exciting new party theme to work with. No matter what you end up deciding on, these themes can provide everyone with a great time. You can find these themes online, through various companies or even through a retail store.

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